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30 years experience in the industry

Our senior staff have been working in the insurance industry for 30 years. It means we can help, if you need to find cover for situations or circumstances that are a bit more specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buy short-term car insurance for up to 30 days with the Sterling Short Term app.

Sterling Short Term is the ultimate short-term car insurance app, offering short term cover for up to 30 days. It allows users to create a new policy with Sterling Insurance.
You could be buying a new car, borrowing a friend’s car, sharing the driving or learning to drive. Whatever your reason, we will find temporary car insurance to fit your needs at an affordable price. 

We cover a wide variety of vehicles from all insurance groups and drivers aged 21 or over.

What are the benefits of Sterling short term car insurance?

Temporary car insurance for up to 30 days

Legal protection up to £100,000 included Free!

Classic cars, kit cars, campers, custom cars, modified cars and grey imports can all be covered

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1. Why take out a short term motor insurance policy?

You may need temporary car insurance because:-

  • You’re moving abroad and need a vehicle
  • You’re sharing the driving on a long journey
  • You’re insuring a cherished car that you only drive in the summer

2. Who is Sterling short term insurance available to?

Sterling’s short term insurance is available to anyone over the age of 21 – doesn’t matter which insurance group you belong to as a driver. We can cover most cars and vans, even classic cars, kit cars, campers, custom cars, modified cars and grey imports.

We should also let you know that left-hand vehicles are not a problem.

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